The Mars Volta – Barrowlands (11 March 2005)

OK, I wasn’t really ‘up’ for this gig. In fact the one time I nearly went to see At The Drive In, I wasn’t that bothered. Hence why when my friend called of on that one I wasn’t too bothered. However, they split/took an extended sabbatical not long after and he’s been kicking himself ever since. So, we’d exhausted all avenues and it ended up I was one that went to see The Mars Volta with him.

Was nice to be back in The Barras. These days when the shithole that is the Carling Academy seems to be throwing money into getting every touring band playing their place.

I was surprised by just how dull I found the band. I know that they’re being heralded as modern prog but that’s no excuse for just how boring they were. These two guys are supposed to be the most energetic and entertaining performers around at the moment, where did it all go wrong?

FWIW, my mate thought they were smashing.


Written by Tony Kiernan

12 March 2005 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Gigs

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