At the start of September, I took a trip to Bristol (my first time in that fair city) to catch the second ever Brain Donor gig. I’d also just received my new camera. Needless to say, I took it with me. My pics of the gig can be seen on the post about it (not many decent ones came out), and some snaps of the folk I met for the gig (and my brief stop in London on the way back) are on my Yahoo Photos. Anyhoo, here’s some of the better ones of the town…

Bristol harbourside too early for any normal human to be up
I got the overnight bus to the smoke and then caught a train down to B. Got there about ten in the morning. First thing I did was head down to the harbourside where not only the venue was located, but also the hostel I would be staying in. Well impressed with the painted buildings so tried to catch some decent shots. As you can see the sun wasn’t up yet and it still being summer down there (which no-one warned me of) it was very hazy. But, it gives the idea.

The Council Offices
Having located everything (and unable to check in or start drinking yet) I set of to explore the town. Very pretty. Only though to get the camera back out, though, when I hit the council offices. Which looked more like a university campus, to be honest.
The Council Offices Too
And then, things started to go a bit wrong. Well, kinda. Basically, I took a wrong turn (as the following pix will illustrate greatly to anyone familiar with the city).

What looked, mistakenly, the way to the city centre actually took me right round it in a consistently uphill direction. At least when I was heading up White Ladys Hill stuff was interesting enough to keep me snapping. Like this old cinema that was for sale.
Nice building for sale
Or this particularly gnarly looking chinese restaurant. (here I learnt a valuable lesson about the delay on the camera as a result of the autofocus. None of the shots I thought I’d taken had people or cars in them) I didn’t go in.

Victorian pisser
Victorian pisser again

Neither did I go into this rather lovely victorian ‘pissiour’. Those apples are actually growing through the roof, which you can’t really make out that well.

Actually, there was a bloke parked just under the shot of the apples who got out his car and came over to threaten to thump me for photographing him loitering in a car out side a public convenience. Anyway, here’s another shot (with him cropped out) that shows off the nice ironwork.

I thought that was the top of the hill. More fool me. Anyhoo, I went into about five pubs on my travels and they all seemed to be called The Shakespeare, here’s the only one I thought to photograph. This was also the place where I changed into the last of the clothes I had brought with me (having sweated everything else to bits) – I really needed to find the shops soon
One of the many Shakespeare boozers of Bristol
Finally heading back in the right direction, I found the work of a local artist…
Local boy - international troublemaker

This is some museum. While I was there it was actually the site of the National Organic food Festival, which was very tasty indeed. As you can see, though, my eye for a composition still leaves a lot to be desired. We were onto early evening, I was checked in, changed and showered. Much better. Time to find the pub I was meeting everyone at. Spotted this:
Everybody wants a slice
The pub wasn’t opened yet, so I went and sat by the water for a bit for a moments quiet contemplation.
A moments peace, then onto the drinking...
And, that one I’m quite pleased with. It captures the atmosphere and gets everything in that I wanted (boat, bird houses) and nothing extraneous. I will get good at this…

(Aye right, wait ’til you see the ones from the Irish trip)


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29 September 2005 at 11:02 pm

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