Abnormal Beauty

And there we have it! Completely out of left field! Looking at the list of six, this would’ve been the last (ok, second last – but my point gets diminished without the hubris) Asia Extreme presentation that is almost definitely gonna get a US remake. Posing as a psychological study into the relationship between death and beauty (and sex, of course), what we really get it an anti-goth slasher movie, of sorts.

Jiney is a fairly average fucked up young art student. Due to a lack of interest from her mother and being haunted by an early incident of abuse, she has some issues. When she witnesses a car crash outside her home, she is drawn to take some photographs. And from there comes an obsession with capturing the images of death and (of course) near madness. Just as she’s been saved from the abyss, it becomes apparent that someone else shares her sense of the aesthetic and they’re getting closer.

This film is directed by Oxide Pang (who along with his brother is the Hong Kong equivalent of the Wachowskis). Although they made their name with horror flick The Eye, they come from a advertising background. And, boy, does it show throughout this. Saturated colours are everywhere, it comes as no surprise that our heroine is so obsessed with photographing stuff when it looks this good. As does she, and the rest of the young cast. They could’ve stepped straight out of a Diesel ad.

Otherwise, this is pretty engaging enough. And, thankfully, has a satisfying un-moralistic streak to it that no doubt the yanks’ll get rid of.

Subtitlers really need to get a grip, too. “What gives you this countenance”?!?!? WTF?


Written by Tony Kiernan

18 October 2005 at 5:14 pm

Posted in Film

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