OK, so (at least by now, personally I’d never heard of it) we all know the story of
Josh Whedon‘s Firefly getting cancelled mid-season then the fanpower and sales of DVDs causes it to become a huge cult (the emphasis on the huge there) success. And so Universal go ahead and let him direct a feature length version: Serenity. And, bigger success follows. A triumph for the little guy or just the geeks inheriting the wind?

And, what we get it standard space-western fare with a few refreshing twists. The snappy dialogue is neither ultrahip post-modernism nor trite one liners. In fact it could come from a ‘proper western’ all I don’t hold with that kind of business and no swears. And, no horrible space monsters. Well, there are some but like the rest of the film there’s humanity underneath (spoiler? who cares…) A cast of (currently unknowns). All of whom acquit themselves admirably. Probably the biggest name in there is current flavour of the month Chiwetel Ejiofor. Who is really rather marvelous as a ruthless killing machine, but like the rest of the film there is a human underneath that.

Jolly good. And, just better than you would expect from a big screen spin-off. Is it better than the recent Star Wars films? Fuck yeah, by a light mile. Batman Begins? Get outta here… The makings of an enjoyable franchise. Just, don’t book for the convention yet.


Written by Tony Kiernan

20 October 2005 at 4:31 pm

Posted in Film

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