Owen McAuly – Some Songs

Owen McAuly is the lead singer of Glasgow band Smackvan. He also does his own solo stuff, of which this is a collection of ‘some’ (5 to be precise) songs. I (literally) picked this CD up from Stereo at the Jawbone gig last week, there was a pile of them left on the bar with a ‘help yourself’ note. Which in this day and age of the fabulous fabulous interweb© seemed rather quaint.

So, not being one to knock back a freebie, I took a copy home with me. And, rather nice it is too. Downbeat acoustics and sparse arrangements all topped with proper scots-accented voice. Best of all being Hold On. It reminds me of Arab Strap (particularly the opening tits are gem opening gambit on the second track) but considering I’ve not knowingly listened to The Strap in about a decade it could just be the accent (although it didn’t remind me of the KLF).

Downs? Oh, yes. It’s all a bit monotonous (in the truest sense of the word). All the tracks are pretty much the same tempo and atmosphere. If I was finding it samey before 5 tracks were out, why would I want to subject myself to more of it?

Oh, I know that this kind of stuff isn’t meant for my likes and it’s not the kind of thing I’d cross the street for, but I have given this quite a few plays in the last week or so.


Written by Tony Kiernan

27 October 2005 at 3:01 pm

Posted in Records

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