The Chalets – Check In

Impulse buys are strange things. Sometimes you end up with a Shockabilly album, and sometimes you end up with something good. Most of mine seem to come from times when I’ve had to trawl my ass round town to every shop to find what I’m looking for – when I finally find it there’s a little rush of gratitude to the store that makes me spend that little extra. So, after finally finding the new Fall album in town (the manufacturer apparently had none left – this also happened with the boxed set – someone somewhere is not doing their job right), I picked up a copy of the newish Supersuckers collection and had a nosey about the shop. Wherein I found Check In by The Chalets.

No, I’d never heard of them either. To be honest it was the rather lovely packaging that attracted me to it. I though it was worth a try. And, pleasantly surprised I was. What we get is a very now pop group who have dispensed with the po-faced artiness of The Gang Of Four in favour of the playful joy of the B-52s or the tuneful nous of Blondie. It’s perky, fizzy and just great fun (despite some very serious content).

This band/record will not change your life. However, they will make some moments slightly more bearable.

It must be doing something right for me, because I would really like to catch this band live (I suspect that they will either be astounding or terribly duff – no middle ground). And, I gave a little cheer when (as trawling for links for this post) I found that they will be playing The Barfly on the 21st! See you down the front.


Written by Tony Kiernan

02 November 2005 at 4:15 pm

Posted in Records

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