Elbow/(not) Mew – Carling Academy (17 November 2005)

So, me and Colin Pastel were out for a quiet pint. We bumped into some Scandinavian types that turned out to be miscellaneous crew and member of Mew. So, after being introduced to the joys of Russian Cocaine, the night seemed to expand into the wee small hours with myself and C the last men standing. Ha! So much for viking rock ‘n’ roll! However, as they parted, there was a promise to stick us on the guestlist for their support slot with Elbow the next night.

As it happened, I picked up the message to confirm that the guestlist had gone ahead just in time to leg it to the venue and get there as Mew left the stage. Damn! I did say hello, though and was given a CD single that showed enough of interest for me to curse having missed them. More of that late, no doubt.

Up to this point, my only real knowledge of Elbow is the animated kittens singing Destiny’s Child. Ah, if only things had stayed that way. Christ they were dull. Keane were recently described in the Guardian as ‘bourgeois chancers’. That’s the kind of praise Elbow can only aspire to. Truly pointless.


Written by Tony Kiernan

02 December 2005 at 4:34 pm

Posted in Gigs

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