Spookey – Spookey Cat

Of course, if I was going to be lazy, I’d start banging on about the mighty Spookey being the kawaii bastard offspring of The Shangri-Las and The Ramones. I could rehash my iffy (in fact borderline racist) theory about the japanese taking ‘western product’ and selling it back to us in neater more efficient (and smaller) packages. I could do that, if I was being lazy. (Can you see what I did there?)

And, I’m going to try not just froth at the mouth insisting that this is the greatest album ever and that your are seriously lacking something essential to your soul until you own a copy and have embraced it into your life. No, not that either. I’m going to try be a little objective.

What we have here is the finest bubblegum rock ‘n’ roll from a band that are tighter that a really tight thing. No messing a bout, no studied insouciance. Thundering bass and loud wild guitar. All pinned together with some of the finest ‘proper’ rockabilly drumming I’ve heard for donkeys. They stop, they start just where they should. But what really drives it all along is the sheer joy of the three part vocals. In the way that The Chrystals were always better than The Ronettes just by force of their exuberance.

They have a grasp on this songwriting malarkey that would shame many a supposed troubadour twice the age and three times the size. They shout ‘Hey!’ and count tracks in just the way rock ‘n’ roll should be. The songs in the main seem to be terribly sweet (not sickly – despite the occasional lapse into Engrish) anthems to hanging out, eating chocolate and driving cars really fast.

I’m so cute when I’m with you…

What more do you want? For those that waited for the new GirlsAloud album with baited breath (and, for some reason I know just so many of you): You are just selling yourself so short in life.

It’s not all uniform, though, when lead vocals duties are taken by the bass player (for what I assume are here songs) there’s an added sense of pathos and longing added into the mix. Even managing to make a cod-ska track seen quite deep.

I defy you all not to leap up and punch the air when the chorus to the title track kicks in for the first time. There’s two uncredited ‘bonus’ tracks on here that have more fun and playfulness than most of the entire output of the last year.

So objectively: Beautifully crafted, completely rocking, and you’d be a moron not to love it.

And, subjectively? Well…


Written by Tony Kiernan

29 December 2005 at 6:39 pm

Posted in Records

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