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Electric Eel Shock – King Tut’s (16 January 2006)

Crazy, noisy, short guys

Not exactly how I’d put it, but if that’s how they want it, I’m more than willing to go along.

It’s been nine months or so since I last caught Electric Eel Shock, and a busy old time it’s been for them, too. In addition to supporting just about every punk and metal band of a Garage playing stature (in fact, had I know they were supporting Dwarves the night Dinosaur Jr played, there’d have been no decision to make), they have featured in every major festival there was over the summer. Hence the graduation up a step-up venue with King Tut’s as opposed to Nice & Sleazy (and the ‘over 14s’ status).

Has this new found ‘success’ gone to their heads? Well, seeing as how they played the smaller venue (the way they’re made to be played) like it was Wembley Arena, it’s hard to imagine how it would show. Still the venue seems to be straining to contain them.

So, devils horns in the air, strap yourself on and away we go. They start up the show with a guitaraoke rendition of Sabbath‘s Iron Man (which they later cover more fully at breakneck speed) which is two stops from Dagenham.

They wheel out all the standard riff. They’ve got the one that goes duh-duh-dun! And, dun-duh-duh-dun-dun! And every other cliche in the Great Big Book Of Rock (Volume 1), but with so much energy and fun it’s impossible not to get picked up and carried shoulder high by it. It’s like they’ve taken the one or two decent tracks that all the dino-rock bands have and made the one band with them all. Only faster. And, considerably less po-faced. This stuff should be on prescription to the nation.

More rock than you can shake your bits at (literally if your the drummer). 2006 officially off to a rockin’ start. Let’s see if it can do better than 2005.

Strangely ,the young ‘uns know the songs from last but one album best. Wonder if they’d ran out of the recent one at the Bloudhound Gang gig.


Written by Tony Kiernan

17 January 2006 at 5:35 pm

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