The Noisettes/747s/Popup – King Tut’s (29 January 2006)

Actually, I didn’t see Popup at all. However, I was accosted by several people on my way into the venue telling me that I’d missed the best band of the night (which considering they were second on a bill of four is a bit presumptuous). Of course, they were so ‘the best band of the night’ that half the audience left after their set. None of this really inspired me to ever find out more about them. However, I did find I had acquired a CD demo of them at some point in the night. Hmmm. Interesting, probably worth keeping an eye out for them. Reminds me of the mighty Mighty Mighty, which is no bad thing. Probably of most note, though, is that when you stick the disc in your computer, Gracenote gets the tracklisting from something that would have the third track called Fallopian Pony as song I never want to hear because it’ll never live up to the tune in my head.

(From the last half of their set, I’d say…)747s peddle characterless jangly pop with an unfeasibly consumate line in completely cringe-worthy lyrics. My companion this evening finds it hilarious that I keep expressing my disbelief at this. They close with as very silly song about the bass player’s girlfriend leaving him to join the army, on which he takes over vocal duties. It burls along with more enrgy and character than anything else we’ve heard from them. Closing with something like that really just highlights your shortfallings elsewhere.

Brilliant drummer. Wasted on this tosh.

Shingai Shoniwa – bass/guitar playing vocalist of The Noisettes – is a goddamn stone-cold star. Charismatic, energetic, and not a little scary. She bounces and hollers around the stage the way it’s meant to be done. All of which nicely distracts from the fact that they don’t really have anything to better the track Don’Â’t Give Up (first single, free on their website – although I can’t find the link). Although, it is a pretty phenomenal track, so the rest’s not to be sniffed at.

Can’t help saying that this band are one to watch. I think we’ll be definitely be hearing more about them. They’re haven’t blown me away. Well, not yet.


Written by Tony Kiernan

30 January 2006 at 1:30 pm

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