Shout Out Louds/Flying Matchstick Men – Glasgow School Of Art (11 February 2006)

Maybe it was the mood. Maybe it was the champale. More than likely it was The Chalets saying it was where they were off to after their gig. Either way, it was a quick leg-it up the hill to the Art School to catch Flying Matchstick Men (no ‘The’ apparently).

Having just returned from and extensive tour of the UK supporting abysmal label-mates El Presidente, you would expect them to be flagging, and not a little jaded. (OK, it wasn’t really that extensive a tour, more a handful of dates, but I need to say something other than just that they were fab again.) Not a bit of it.

ex·cite Pronunciation Key (k-st)
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Without wanting to look into number four on there too deeply, I’ve been saying for quite some time that FMM are the most exciting (in the truest sense of the word) band in Glasgow at the moment. (In fact probably in Scotland, maybe the UK! Although I will draw the line at offering them world domination quite yet.) They’re definitely one of the most unique bands in the country. Although, you could lazily come up with some comparisons (even ones that aren’t completely unfair or inaccurate) but the best is that they sound like FMM.

Go on. Do your self a favour.

The Shout Out Louds (not sure about the pronoun), were an unknown quantity to me. I was vaguely familiar with the name, and kinda recognised the album artwork featured on their shirts on the merchandising stall. However, for all I knew they could local or from the moon. Turns out they’re from Sweden. And, it shows. But, in the good way. Basically, they do kinda rocking indie stuff (it is blatantly obvious why they’ve been touring with The Strokes) with a slight country edge. And, there’s something in the cultural mix that the different cultural background adds. And, without getting completely rascist, it’s definitely a Swedish thing. they seem to have that quality that made it impossible to hate, no matter how irritating they got, The Wannadies – although they are a completely different kettle of herring.

They’ve got a chick that plays accordian! The cover The PoguesStreams Of Whiskey at breakneck speed! (And, yes it seemed like an incongruous choice.) They’ve got a banner that reads Shout Out Louds UK Tour and at the end of the set it unfurls to say Thank you and goodnight!

Oh, they were fun and quite groovy. I shall check out their album.


Written by Tony Kiernan

13 February 2006 at 5:51 pm

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