Good Night, And Good Luck

Unusual one this. A perfectly enjoyable, brilliantly acted and beautifully put together movie. And, that’s about it. Unless you want to read shedloads of current day analogies (and, in view of recent events there is a frightening amount you could read into it) into the McCarthy Witch-hunts, there’s not much else to this.

Terminal supporting actor David Strathairn gets to play the lead and shows us all how it’s meant to be done. I have no idea about Edward R Murrow so can’t tell you if it’s uncanny, but he’s pretty convincing as a 50’s anchorman.

How much of this is down to actor/director George Clooney drawing on his memories of exactly that (I believe I’m right in saying that his folks worked in telly and he spent a lot of time around the studios) to as great effect as he did in his debut Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. He also shows a mastery of proper 32mm black and white stock and using it to all that atmospheric beauty.

Terrific supporting cast including Patricia Clarkson (’nuff said), the increasingly impressive Jeff Daniels and the back on form Robert Downey Jr.

No pyrotechnics, just great stuff.


Written by Tony Kiernan

22 February 2006 at 6:49 pm

Posted in Film

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