Julian Cope – QMU (25 February 2006)

Pictures courtesy of Joste Bowen. Well, I say courtesy, he was positively rude about it.

Blurry HippyIt’s that time of the week where I post about something Julian Cope has released/performed/whatever. Or, at least it seems like that. And, to be honest, probably everything I’ve said about him on here has probably seemed rather negative and sounded deeply disappointed. Often, this may be somewhat over amplified. It’s just that the man can be so near to transcendent that when he misses the mark he’s got so much further to fall (and not just because of the six-inch platforms). Mr EAlthough having always (well from an early stage at least) released off the wall side projects to compliment his ‘proper’ albums, recently these have been becoming less and less separately identifiable. Thanks to the success of his books (mainly the megalith ones) he can release this work on his own label, unfortunately this has led to an increasing lack of any editorial input at all.

DoggenAnd, so to the current tour. Still on his faux-metal trip, we are presented with the three piece that were Brain Donor back in September. In addition to the stuff that they did back then that later surfaced on Dark Orgasm, we get a mix of Cope ‘classics’ from across his career (yes, including the “shut your mouth song”), and one BD track. Maybe it’s thinning of the latter that means this is a much more focused and entertaining band than four months ago? In fact, this is probably the best performance I’ve seen from the man in over two years. I’m kinda kicking myself for not catching any other dates on the tour. It’s not monumental, and didn’t really inspire me to go dig out either of last years albums. Largely the overt metal trappings feel tacked on top as decoration, not intrinsic to the music.

They finish with an inexplicably dirged down version of Spacehopper, hardly a song that has any real substance to warrant the reworking. I’ve been told that when The Teardrop Explodes originally did the track it was in this style. Well seeing it never saw the light of day back then, then.


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02 March 2006 at 3:18 pm

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