The Feeling/The Like – King Tuts (11 March 2006)

I know I’ve piffled on about bands choosing names that are easily findable on the interweb. And by rights (next to The The), The Like would be the worst possible example. However, they have got the fabulous url, so we’ll let them off.

This charitable bent on my part, has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that they are three very pretty girls (from the US). And, neither is just how much I enjoyed the gig (although it does help).

Likened to Throwing Muses, The Breeders and just about any american band featuring chicks ‘n’ guitars that you can think of, people seem to still have difficulty seeing past the gender in rock. Which is a shame, because there’s something original and very now going on here.

The rhythm section here are amazing. Tight as tights (ok, I’ll stop it) and punchy as fuck. The effect is like the good bits of The Strokes – this is a good thing. The drummer in particular is a joy to behold. It’s just so rare these days to see someone that plays their kit like a proper instrument not a glorified metronome. And, a nice lean, mean pared down kit.

Over the top of this the lead singer does the ethereal thing. And, fires out some stonking riffs. It’s a kinda boho hippy chick thing with a skewed edge. The vocals bring to mind the phrasing of Bjork at more than one point tonight. And, much as it really shouldn’t, it all marries together brilliantly.

Then all too briefly, they’re gone. Bummer. Looking forward to checking out the album and catching a longer (headline) gig next time. Suppose that’s an all round thumbs up then.

And, just at the point that I’m wondering just what’s happened to the capacity of Tut’s (it seems half empty, sold out shows never had this much space in my day), then the crowd seems to arrive en masse. I haven’t seen an audience so predominantly female since the time I got dragged along to see Travis (around the time of U16 Girls) in the same venue. They struck me as a completely cynical attempt to jump so many bandwagon’s it was scary. Worse than that, their lead vocalist coulkdn’t hold a tune for toffee. At least with The Feeling, you get the feeling that any cynicism comes from the shadowy figures in the background, not from the band themselves. Who, to be honest, come across as manufactured as any boy-band. They do current single Sewn and I realise that they’re just one of the many that meld into one another on the horrendous commercial radio station that my workmates insist on having playing in the background. Offensively bland, but so lacking in any substance that there’s not much chance of us remembering who they are within the year.

I said the same about Travis, mind.


Written by Tony Kiernan

13 March 2006 at 5:07 pm

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