Sin City (redux)

I couldn’t get into the showing of The Proposition that I wanted to last night, so looking for an alternative I noticed that the UCG were showing Sin City again. (I like when there’s no films to ‘preview’ and they do this rep stuff. It helps me catch up on lots of stuff.) Despite having previously asserted that I definitely would be seeing it again, I hadn’t. (Through no lack of effort on my part might I add.) So, what the hell I thought, let’s check it out once more.

And, I’ll stand by everything I said about it back then. Although, it seemed even more visually spectacular than I remember. I was also struck by some seriously duff acting, particularly on the part of the women; as I may have intimated, though, I don’t think many were cast for their acting abilities (although Brittany Murphy stood out for comment). TBH, I suspect this is where most of the weakness in the middle story stems from.

Despite having seen it before, I really did find huge chunks of it terribly exciting. Gripping stuff when it works best.

I’m still convinced that there’s a deep dark subtext to the whole Bruce Willis character. I’ve asked others about this and they’ve looked at me as if I’m daft. Mind, they all think that Rocky Sullivan was faking.


Written by Tony Kiernan

22 March 2006 at 11:51 am

Posted in Film

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