I Object – Teaching Revenge

I’ve pretty quickly a complete and utter podcast addict. One of the best music based one’s I’ve come across is everyone’s favourite record label Alternative Tentacles‘ (and, if they’re not a favourite label…) Batcast. Unfortunately, this has meant I’ve been exposed to a number of releases from last year that I missed. (When I say missed, I actually mean that when visiting the label site I thought they would be of no interest to me. This was wrong.)

So, first up is I Object‘s Teaching Revenge, an ‘object’ lesson in skate-punk. 16 tracks of anarchist bile that whizz past like a crusty on speed.

This stuff is as Generic (capital ‘g’) as it gets. On paper there’s one hundred and one (million) bands that are exactly the same as this. In fact, I think I may have supported all of them at one time or other. Y’know, cack handed attempt at ‘musical/metal’ intro, then (1,2,3,4) yell, yell, yell, yell…SCREAM!!!. Yes, female vocalist. It’s all present and correct. Just about every song has that middle eight with just the drums or one-note bass (distorted, of course). You can almost hear them arguing at rehearsals about not playing with some other band because they just weren’t punk enough. You can smell the tour van.

But, there’s something about this album. It’s executed with enough vigour and charm to be incredibly appealing. And, even at sixteen songs in length they don’t out stay their welcome. They also do a nice line in subject matter. As well as the usual anarcho-rhetoric, they tackle a whole range of issues around social inclusion. A blueprint for a revolution from the throng of disaffected McJob drones.

Well enjoyable. Conscious and shouty. Intelligent and bouncy. It won’t change your life – and for once I can add – sadly.


Written by Tony Kiernan

18 April 2006 at 11:06 pm

Posted in Records

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