The Reverend Horton Heat – Mean Fiddler, London (14 April 2006)

As a result of the City Of Westminster‘s draconian licensing policies – possibly worse than the dear green place – the gig starts about half past four in the afternoon so we miss the support tonight. Shame.

Playing each others, togeether!As the man himself once said That’s Showbiz and, boy does he know it. We get it writ big. When was the last time you saw someone grinning and winking at the audience like that since George Formby? (Actually, it was Spookey, but that goes without saying.) We get the full schtick. He tells us that he’s been wandering about and the women of London are the most beautiful in the world but you guys are ugly as crap. At least half the audience is well aware that he said this about Brighton and Manchester the two nights before. And it doesn’t matter he makes us feel special (if ugly). Charisma’s an amazing thing. Showbiz is something else.

Strangely, for me, no mention of the drummer yet. Scott. Yeah, competent. Maybe it’s because he’s surrounded by such genius and flare that he seems very pedestrian. Proficient enough, but very pedestrian. No offense to the guy, but I think they could do so much better. He gets to let rip with a solo during the band introductions, and to be honest it’s fairly duff. I’m really glad I never saw him sitting in with The Supersuckers.

And, time to head home. Gutted that that’s our lot. Well worth it, let’s hope he’s back sooner this time.


Written by Tony Kiernan

20 April 2006 at 9:06 pm

Posted in Records

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