Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

OK, so if you’re over 15 and don’t show your underwear in public regularly, Ministry probably don’t class as one of the big hitters. But, these days, they’re probably as influential as Walker.

TBH, looking at their track record, there’s not really that much to expect from this. Recently where they got really gothy, making me wistful for bad Cure records. But, even before that, they never really made a great album, there’s always been at least one complete barnstormer on there. So, the chance of that stonker and the recent return to form of [one of] Jourgensen‘s [many] side project[s] The Revolting Cocks made it worth a punt.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never shown my underwear in public, and 15 isn’t even that clear a memory (hey! you wanna try my life?) so this is not intended for me. It fairly rocks, but just lacks that extra special edge that seems to be extinct in 2006. Oh well, only another six months to go.

As expected, we get driving, banging, industrial-metal at it’s finest. And, loudest. And, probably heaviest. It’s Ronseal-rock, so to speak. And, for that (shiver) genre, it doesn’t get any better. But, the reason why Ministry are the archetype of this stuff is their ability to lift it above the myre. (Admittedly a myre they were responsible for.)

So, in between the nosebleeds is there anything of particular interest? Funny you should ask that. About halfway though the title track there appears to be and invasion of the tijuana brass form hades that actually mutates into a guitar solo. Nice. Khyber Pass manages to pull off that indian style stuff rather nicely. Good and hypnotic. Although, it being a song about looking for Bin Laden, it completely passes on the opportunity for an excellent euphemism. Nice, too. Gangreen does the marching chant thing in a nicely stupid manner. Oh, and Jello puts in an appearance, which is always nice.

It just seems that Al is
keeping all his interesting stuff for the extra-curricular activity. Which I suppose is fair enough if this is what puts the food on the table. And, if da kids are going to be listening to this stuff, they might as well be getting it so perfectly (if uninspiringly) executed. (And, it does a better job of tackling the political landscape – albeit in a Kevin The Teenager stylee – than the Pet Shop Boys.)

Maybe…oh, I can’t even be bothered…


Written by Tony Kiernan

09 June 2006 at 2:23 pm

Posted in Records

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