Shooting At Unarmed Men – Yes! Tinnitus!

I’ve waxed lyrical on my love of McLusky previously. So, it’s a bit annoying to discover so late on that Jon Chapple has got a new band. In fact, I’m so late coming to Shooting At Unarmed Men that not only is this their second album, but they’ve split and Chapple’s emigrated down under.

I always regarded the strength of McLusky to be the interplay between his bass and Andy Falkous’ guitar. It was really a duo, with a drummer. IMO, of course. However, on this showing, I was maybe giving him a bit too much credit. Sub-Sonic Youth-y shouty (again? so much shouting) crap (no other word). Pedestrian. Even at best it fails to stand up to any of the ‘out-takes on McLuskism.

Closer In flight Instructions Are a Joke – I Say gets closest in threatening to raise itself from out-take to potentially a b-side. But, you can’t help thinking there’s soemwhere it should be going that it doesn’t.

They then take the hidden-track at the end thing to new extremes by having the whole album in it’s entirety tacked onto the end. Just a shame I’m not really inspired to listen to it all again. However, they slip the sound of the album being rewound before it. There’s something strangely hipnotic about it that I can’t help thinking were it shoved out by the Aphex Twin it’d be heralded as avant genius. So, there you go,something imaginative and interesting shoved in there as part of a bad joke.

Oh well, roll on Falkous‘ new project…


Written by Tony Kiernan

05 July 2006 at 12:19 pm

Posted in Records

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