The Coal Porters – Brel/The Goat (25 June 2006)

The Coal Porters - Ashton LaneBut, just in case you feel the need to know more, there’s a loverly day in the West End sunshine to be added to it. Well, as lovely as the West End gets (ie completely demoralising and wanky). It’s the end of the festival and the Coal Porters are playing two (count ’em) free gigs. Woo-hoo!

The Brel one is actually out in Ashton Lane. To be honest, I really wish they’d brought a flatbed truck for the band to play on he back of. Not because I couldn’t see them, just that the rostra weren’t really fulfilling the vibe potential.

Neil Robert Herd (who soundtracked last years Oscar winning short Wasp) is apparently doing some work for the BBC for the kind of money the band can’t deny him. So, in his place they have a terribly posh young chap called Olly (I think). He spends most of the gigs battering hell out of a three-quarter length classical guitar. And, is well impressive. (The lack of Herd’s scots twang takes a little from the harmonies, but not enough to spoil anything.)

Despite swearing blind I would never darken it’s portals again, I then find myself (working on the worse-for-wear) at The Goat. Now, taking the goat is unfortunately not a well known phrase or saying. If it were, it would apply fully to the bar prices in this place. (Rant curtailed for the time being.)

Sid Griffin is captain charisma himself. Everything a good band leader should be. Those points where they step forward of the PA to give us it as it used to be done are mesmeric. I wanna live in a log cabin, and make my own entertainment. Erm…that really doesn’t sound right.

Even third time round, that fiddle solo is awesome.


Written by Tony Kiernan

05 July 2006 at 11:32 am

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