Talking about misogyny, here’s one for the boys. Where the female characters are limited to the ditzy but inexplicably loyal (and worryingly young) girlfriend or whores (for quite a bit locked in plastic bubbles just waiting to get caught in the crossfire).

OK, rewind. What we have here is your simple high concept action movie. DOA meets SpeedCrank. Laughably macho (and therefore terribly camp) hitman Jason Statham awakes one day to discover he has been injected with a mysterious lethal cocktail of drugs. However, he can fight off the effects (therefore buying time to seek out an antidote) if he keeps his adrenalin levels at a certain high. Cue lots of car chases, shoot outs, drug snuffling, and shagging in the streets.

Which is all well and good. I’ve quite a soft spot for Statham and in particular the particularly trashy but stylish (and completely hilarious) Transporter movies. This one has the jokes that have been requisite in all action movies since Schwarzenegger was first ‘graced’ our screens. But, that seems to be all. OK, it doesn’t need much in the way of plotting or character development. But, the action should at least be exciting. If you put a naked man on a motorcycle it might be highly invigorating for him, but it doesn’t follow your audience will empathise.

Instead it’s been decided to make up for this with gimmicky sub-Tarantino direction from the joint directors, who you just know have a string of rap videos to their names. It doesn’t really work. But, it’s short enough (hallelujah!) and some of the gags are really rather inventive. So, not all bad.

And, and eighteen certificate. So, if you are the target audience (a sixteen year old boy) you can get all your excitement just trying to sneak in to see it.


Written by Tony Kiernan

26 September 2006 at 5:35 pm

Posted in Film

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