Juliette Lewis & The Licks – ABC (4 October 2006)

Let’s get this straight from the start (as a wise man once said) Juliette & The Licks are only here because of the hollywood stardom of the titular Ms Lewis. Their take on that sub-Babes In Toyland stuff has no real market. Were that the case, venues this size would be full of the million similar sounding – and frankly better – bands that there are littering the streets of Glasgow.

But, they must have that superstar sheen? Well, the session muso’s that make up the ‘licks’ could very possibly just be dancers playing to a backing track. There’s not a move unmade or shape unpulled tonight. And, of course, the lady herself… There is a certain frisson of excitement when she hits the stage. A couple of tracks in, you begin to remember that she’s actually not really that much of a star (we’re not talking Winona here, are we), and that basically her main contribution to (some fairly minor – and yes, I am including From Dusk ‘Til Dawn in that, love it though I do) movies tends to be the highly interchangeable female. With a whiny voice. Who had the great idea of putting someone who is famous for having an irritating voice at the front of a rock band? In short, (and before this turns into a character assassination of someone I dunno) she has not real charisma either on the screen or stage.

Yeah, but she rocks out, apparently. About as much, and as convincingly, as Bobby Gillespie.

Underwhelming. Borderline boring. Don’t give up the day job.


Written by Tony Kiernan

10 October 2006 at 5:21 pm

Posted in Gigs

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