Electric Eel Shock – King Tut’s (25 November 2006)

You might as well read either of my previous posts about this six legged metal machine. They have no real new product (the remix of Bastard that’s available as a single only at these gigs can’t really count) or material to be punting. And, all the familiar elements are there:
Iron Man guitaraoke style? Check.
Three gurning blokes that each look like Johnny Depp in their own way? Check.
Sweatbands? Check.
Devil horns? Check.
Fists in the air? Check.
Chanting? Check.
Naked drummer? Check.
A face hurting from grinning and a belief that with rock on your side you can do anything by the time it’s all over? Check, check, check.


Written by Tony Kiernan

26 November 2006 at 1:17 pm

Posted in Gigs

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