Slim Cessna’s Auto Club/Transitus – The Bluebird Theatre, Denver (30 December 2006)

At some point, before today, as the snows were coming, we visited the Denver Art Museum. We only managed to see about a tenth of the place before it was time to leave, but it was fab. We covered the western and native american sections (some truly remarkable stuff in there), but the highlight for me was a temporary exhibition of Japanese art from the collection of Kimiko & John Powers (including portraits of the two by Warhol – always good to see one of his). Astounding stuff. For once an exhibition in which there was not one piece I wouldn’t give housespace to.

Transitus are local lads, and far too young to be out at this time of night. Apparently this is, Auto Club drummer, Ordy’s nephew’s band. He has previously stepped in for his uncle on a few SCAC dates over the last year when he’s been tempted elsewhere by more lucrative tourings. As you would expect, their dual percussion section (drummer and fiddly bits) is pretty good. Unfortunately, the rest was just dull. Nothing. Nada. It was a real pity. Is a nothing band better or worse than the downright awful – like Little Darlin’s? Actually, if that’s the comparison, then yes it is.

Slim Cessna and Jay Munly Munly.  Good rockin' the good, good people.So, what more can I say about SCAC that I didn’Â’t really cover last year? Seriously, they may live all over the place and only really get together to rehearse when necessary (ie there’s dates), but they are possibly one of the tightest outfits there is (yup, moreso than Alexei’Â’s suits – arf!). The band have had a multitude of line-ups over the years with many coming and going from time to time. But, this lot has to be the perfect balance of sheer musical ability and complwavelengthngth balancing (can you tell I was a loss to put that neatly? I meant they are all tuned into where the band should be at).

Those little niggles that left me wanting (ie looking forgenius, just getting brilliance) on the last studio album are lll gone. (To keep up the theme of this year) Drummer Ordy is astounding. Keeping sitting on the hi-hat for the times it’s required. This time I clock just how hot bassis t Shane is. Although he gets to stretch his wings more this year (ie not just adding some trumpet) and shows himself to be as capable a multi-instrumentalist as the rest. The Reverend Dwight is still a guitar hero of the highest order – especially when playing the banjo. Aand, Rumley plays a pedal steel with a violing bow. But more of him later.

It’s another blinder. What more can I say (particularly over three posts)?


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03 January 2007 at 9:34 pm

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