Perfume – The Story Of A Murderer

So, the conversation went a bit like this:

You get the feeeling that had you read the novel that’s based on you’d have thought “that’s dead good, shame they’ll never be able to make a film of it”
Well, funny you should say that…

Indeed. Here it is Perfume, the movie of Partick Süskind‘s supposedly un-filmable novel.

Director Tom Twyker (the man behind the glorious Run Lola Run) makes what I assume (never having read the thing) is a pretty good stab at it. It’s a lavish all-out brocade and mud period piece. It’s the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a man with such olfactory senses (and played by Pingu from Nathan Barley) that he can effortlessly become the greatest perfumer in all of France. Unfortunately, being a bit of a freak he becomes obsessed with capturing and preserving the smell of lovely innocent maidens. so, takes to bumping them off.

And, it’s OK. Just too bloody earnest. Something this ludicrous should know that it is. Imagine one of the flights of fantasy bits from Burton‘s Big Fish without the brilliant candy-coloured leaning that they had. This film really could’ve done with being directed by one of the Pythons or something. There’s some really funny visual humour that is just thrown away. And, for a film that has the realm of the senses so central to it it’s not really all that sensual. For all the nudiness, it’s distinctly unsexy.

Entertaining enough, it past the time pleasantly. It’s just no masterpiece. But, it certain doesn’t…ahem…stink! (Boom-tsch! Fangyouvermuch. I’m here all week. Try the fish.)


Written by Tony Kiernan

24 January 2007 at 12:43 pm

Posted in Film

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