The Supersuckers – ABC2 (27 January 2007)

Oh, the excitement. It’s been three years since the ‘Suckers hit the gravel this side of the pond. Back then, they did that really annoying thing of playing like three gigs, all down south. Despite this, we did actually find ourselves in London when they played. We’d traveled down to catch Ivor Cutler, at what transpired to be his last gig ever, and celebrate a chum’s birthday. Unfortunately, the day they were playing the hangovers were so thick that no-one could be bothered schlepping their ass from Soho to Camden to catch them. As ever the thought in my mind was you’ll regret this… So, joy-of-joys, this time they are playing everywhere. I decide to try and catch as many as physically (and financially) possible. Not having made the two Irish dates I intended to, the Glasgow leg is being very hotly anticipated.

This is my first time in the ABC2, so another new venue to check out too. Imagine our shock, surprise and general disgust when we get there to find that he band started sometime around teatime and have only about half an hour left to play. Despite this we’re determined to enjoy it. Unfortunately the venue is conspiring against us. The stage, for some ludicrous reason is set in a recess along the longest wall in the place cutting visibility down to completely crap. for some reason the sound man has decided to put the PA inside a giant pair of shit soaked socks and turn the volume right down. The result being that the two folk at the front that can hear the monitors are having a storm of a time, not so the rest of us. Which is a shame because the band seem to be playing a stormer judging from the fleeting glances of them and the few notes managing to break out of the mire. It’ll take a lot to get me back in here.

we’re back sat in the pub with a rounds in from of us by 9:50. This is not rock ‘n’ roll.


Written by Tony Kiernan

29 January 2007 at 6:19 pm

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