Sleeping Dogs

Bobcat Goldthwait is probably most famous for his role in the Police Academy films than as a stand up. Which is really rather unfair. Bizarrely, the only one I’ve seen is 4: Citizens On Patrol. And, probably even more bizarrely I saw that in an actual cinema. (Hey! What else you gonna do in Saltcoats in a typical scots summer?) Sleeping Dogs (allegedly really called ‘ Stay but not by anyone I know of) is his second film as writer/director since 1992’s classic proto-gross-out Shakes The Clown. and, an interesting and thought provoking piece it is – if not completely earth-shattering.

Amy (Melinda Page Hamilton, apparently in everything on the telly I’ve never seen – kinda like the rest of the cast) did something deeply gross, very dirty and completely stupid (I’ll let you work it out from the title) one night when bored at college. So, the question then arises that when you’re in a relationship, and dedicated to being completely open an honest with each other, just how open and honest is really advisable?

The end result is a surprisingly sensitive exploration of personal and familial politics, all rather splendidly acted (particularly Geoffrey Pierson as the family patriarch) and under-stated. Oh yeah, you’ve seen this before, tons of times. Every year there’s a cluster of American independent movies just about how life is a treacherous tightrope of a dance (ah, the leaden albatross of the mixed metaphor). This one may be funnier, but everyone in the cinema seemed to find different parts funny (the shock of recognition?). Which I suppose shows how true it was.

Not even the best film I’ve seen, so far, this month. But, enjoyable stuff.


Written by Tony Kiernan

20 March 2007 at 3:04 pm

Posted in Film

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