The Bourne Ultimatum

So, let’s start with a movie.

I came out of this completely knackered. It’s great. More of the same only moreso. There’s not really anything a I can add that’s not been covered everywhere over the last few days.

Brilliant supporting cast.
And object lesson in that shaky digicam stuff.
Tenser than tehn kbe’s in a tight place.

OK, the dénouement was a bit milked. Or, at least it was where the pace dropped and you realised that you didn’t really care – it was the journey that mattered.

The sequence in London (around Waterloo) will in years to come be an object lesson to all budding film makers. Get me eyeballs on the pavement, indeed.


Written by Tony Kiernan

20 August 2007 at 3:48 pm

Posted in Film

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