Rush Hour 3

I love Jackie Chan. But, his Hollywood career has been a bit patchy. The first Rush Hour wasn’t that great. The big bucks, big studio system works in such a way that they don’t let their star do anything that might damage them, and using a stuntman instead of Chan completely defeats the purpose of casting him. I couldn’t even tell you if I’ve seen the second of the series. Of course, it’s not necessary to follow Rush Hour 3. Which is complete and utter drivel. Really. Plot, character, structure? Don’t be stupid. And, in Chris Tucker, we get the most irritating wisecracking sidekick ever! Max Von Sydow is in here, sleepwalking. You get the feeling the mortgage was due and he was really hoping this would sink straight to DVD. They even feel the need to throw in Roman Polanski, Gerard Depardieu‘s daughter Julie (it mainly takes place in Paris) and that world’s tallest bloke that put his arm down the dolphin.

If someone told me they were off to see this, I would actively do all I could to dissuade them. It is a bad film and is the kind of thing that we should not be actively encouraging filmmakers to continue churning out. So, why did I enjoy it so much?

Tucker actually had a line in this that made me guffaw out loud. I can’t remember what it was.


Written by Tony Kiernan

12 September 2007 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Film

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