Shoot ‘Em Up

About five minutes into Shoot ‘Em Up Clive Owen shoves a carrot into someone’s mouth, then drives it right through the back of their head and quips “eat your vegetables”. Then the guitars kick in. And, pretty much that’s the score for the whole ninety minutes.

A baby in one arm, Monica Bellucci on the other, and Paul Giamatti and a small army trying to kill them. That’s probably more plot that you need. Basically, this film is for those that came out of Die Hard 4.0 thinking that it really could’ve done with being a bit more big and stupid.

Hilarious dumbass fun. All shoot-outs (and Pot Noodle ads, for that matter) should be soundtracked by the Ace Of Spades.


Written by Tony Kiernan

17 September 2007 at 12:25 pm

Posted in Film

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