Che: Part One

The awards season draws on apace with Steven Soderbergh‘s Che: Part One. In which the very patchy director gives us a fine solid piece of work based on Che Guevara‘s memoir of the Cuban Revolution. It’s really very good. Erm, and that’s about it.

Despite linking throughout with black and white newsreel type footage from his visit to the United Nations in the 1960s (where the political philosophy gets it outing), it’s largely a luscious (colour) depitction of the struggle to free Cuba. It works very well as a companion piece to Walter Salles Motorcyle Diaries

Being based on Guevara’s own book, it’s strangely one-sided. There’s a few heavy digs at (recent?) American policy, but very little in the way of analysis or context. I’m the perfect target audience for this, but found it strange.

Needless to say Benecio Del Toro is completely smashing in the title role. Intense and charismatic. Interestingly, this being in spanish, his trademark gravelly delivery is somewhat lighter and lilting.

Yeah, good film. Looking forward to the second part (soon apparently). Why do I feel shortchanged?


Written by Tony Kiernan

28 January 2009 at 10:14 pm

Posted in Film

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