Che: Part Two

And so, to part 2. Erm…more of the same without the flash forward stuff. Except without the happy ending. (And, with added Lou Diamond Philips!) I think the whole exercise is possibly more admirable than enjoyable. But, I’m glad I’ve sat through it an when some idiot decides to put the Motorcycle Diaries and these two on in a threesome, I’d probably go along.

Interestingly, in any non-English speaking markets these films were known as The Argentinian and The Guerilla. Apparently, we’re now the dumb-downing audience too.

I’m a huge fan of Julian Cope. I frequent his excellent website. I also find it amusing how I’m regularly denigrated for not blindly loving his (hugely patchy but always worth a look) recent work. Or not accepting his increasingly garbled writings as the reincarnation of Lester Bangs or the words of some prophet handed down from above. In his latest Address Drudion I think he exemplifies where our values differ:

Any fears that viewers may have had about their hero being depicted as too much of a Pop Star are successfully squashed by Soderbergh’s brilliant decision to cast the ‘too old/too ugly’ Benicio Del Toro in the role

Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely Benicio is damn sexy? And, anyway, Che was always known for his ‘rock star’ looks (that use of ‘pop’ is lily-livered)? I’m not (or ever) saying he’s wrong; just that I don’t agree.


Written by Tony Kiernan

03 March 2009 at 12:09 am

Posted in Film

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