Surveillance is Jenifer Lynch finally getting a second chance to make a movie after the hilariously dreadful (and I hate to admit quite sexy) Boxing Helena.

This film has both Bill Pullman AND Michael Ironside in it!!!! If that’s not screaming B movie/straight to DVD to you, you don’t know what a film is. OK, plot: A group of disparate unreliable witnesses are interviewed by two FBI agents about a brush with some serial killers rampaging across the country. There’s a twist, you’ve probably guessed it.

The problem is, this film has pretensions. Probably most embodied in the rather good performance from Julia Ormand (one of them I’m sure I’ve seen in stuff until I look at what they’ve been in). Or maybe the way they try to use a Rashômon type device, without really understanding the point of it. Rendering the whole thing a bit of a pseudo mess. This is it’s biggest failing. If it accepted it’s place it’s be tighter, darker and nastier.

When it turns up on Five, it’s worth a look. If you’re siting peaceably in in a pub enjoying a glass of cabernet wih a good book, don’t disturb yourself.


Written by Tony Kiernan

18 March 2009 at 11:36 pm

Posted in Film

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