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Over on the oft-frequented (by me) Julian Cope Presents Head Heritage site, theres a weekly thread on the forum about what you’ve been listening to this week. As a pathetic cheat on my detemination to have blogged about something before it’s me banging on about this year’s Oscars, I’ve decided to replicate my post on this weeks thread. It’s not something I do every week.

A History Of NowAsian Dub Foundation
Does nothing new and lacks the scope and texture of, say, Community Music. But, it’s good to hear them again and there’s enough to be getting on with. A definite play-it-loud-and-bounce-about record. And, unashamedly Political

Apparently this has gone to No 1 in Japan. And, the tour to promote it extensively covers France & Spain. None in the UK. There’s your broken Britain for you there.

Kiss Each Other CleanIron & Wine
Aaaaarghhh!!! What’s with the fecken vocals? The songs on this are fantastically crafted, and beautifully arranged and produced. But, then, there’s the vocals. Not bad. Not off-key. Noty irritatingly affected. Oh, if only. There’s a terrible MOR sensibility to the vocals on this (multitracked the bejesus out of them, even autotune at points) that makes me think of Hall & Oates or, at best, ELO. Gah! It’s so insipidly…nothing. Shame.

The King Is DeadThe Decemberists
Kinda the opposite: A band I’ve never really thought had the edge they needed make surprisingly good record by being a lot more AOR. At best reminiscent of the more countrified bits of early REM. Can’t see myself revisiting this much, though.

Amanda Palmer Goes Down UnderAmanda Palmer
Grab-bag of live tracks, studio recordings and a cover. Surprisingly endearing stuff. Includes the single Map Of Tasmania, which may not be about cartography.

Plus, the usual liberal sprinkling of random play stuff.

Live I saw The Phantom Band and The Starlets twice a piece. Both of whom were fantastic.

And last night I went to see London Sinfonietta perform Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians, which was truly magnificent.


Written by Tony Kiernan

14 February 2011 at 3:13 pm

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