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Subtitle: The inaccuracy of Sandra Bullock‘s undergarments.  Which seems to bother people more than the sheer physical impossibility of pretty much everything else on show here.  Of course, space an the universe may be a thing of glory and wonder…but, Sandy’s pants!!! Which is the right way to take this, TBH.

Gravity is possibly the best action movie I’ve seen this year. 90 minutes of  seat edge tension and a plot so thin you could sneeze through it. BAMN!

There’s not really much I can add to everything you’ll have read/heard about this recently.  It’s all right.  But, let’s muse on the Threed™ once again.  Gravity is most definitely the best 3D movie I’ve seen yet.  (Yes, even better than Sky Kids 3D!) this is down to the fact that no matter how jumpy and scary the gimmick has tried to be through its various incarnations, it’s the floaty-floaty ethereal stuff that works best rather than the pointy-pointy stabby bits. Look at the tree ashes in Avatar, or the (visual) fireworks of Gatsby. Well, you don’t get much more floaty-floaty than outer space. (Can you play Ping-Pong in zero gravity?) Add to that the IMAX factor and we are finally getting that immersive experience we’ve been promised all this time. Instead of a roller coaster ride, the stereoscopy works to deliver the sense of scale, isolation AND claustrophobia all at once. Obviously director Alfonso Cuaron‘s intention; the reason to make this film. Christ knows it wasn’t to tell the story (the ethereal bit).

All well and awesome (in the truest sense). BUT… At last count, I have 20/20 vision. And, I find the technique lacking and a tad headachy. There are sections where you need to pull focus. Like with your real life lenses. And bits were that isn’t possible. Even at the hi-def IMAX levels. Maybe this would’ve been a candidate for the Hobbity fast framing stuff. I can’t help thinking though that a crisp 2D massive screen version would have been just as awful. Although the threadbare script may have been more in focus too.


Written by Tony Kiernan

20 November 2013 at 5:56 pm

Posted in Film

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  1. […] Emmanuel Lubezki. Don’t expect subtlety. While it may not seem to be the barnstormer of Gravity (his previous film), there are still some moments of “Woooo! I’ve never seen that before”. […]

    Birdman |

    25 January 2015 at 9:32 am

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