Rocket From The Crypt – Koko (6 December 2013)

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In 1995 Rocket From the Crypt released the album Scream, Dracula, Scream. It kicked them from well-known amongst them ion the know, to considerably more well known. They became and MTV-favourite and choice support act for all the big metal bands trying to grab some extra cred kudos. Understandably. It was an ace album. A shiny gem of rock ‘n’ roll glamour among the grungy mire and Ross Robinson polished turds of the guitar mainstream at the time. And, they put on an electrifying revival-style live show.

As time went on, it became apparent that the album was not the chocka-classic that it may have initially seemed. It had some really patchy points and more than it’s fair share of padding. And, still they were absolutely banging live. Unmissable.

Then came some more albums. None of which really caught fire like SDS. None of which even had the 50% solid gold quality. And, the live shows began to fill with the material off them. And, they were still massively entertaining. You couldn’t beat the stretch of Dracula numbers in there.

Of course no-one really cared about the new albums. And, the schtick wore thin. And, the cracks became more apparent. Did they really always do quite so much between song chat to fill up the time? Did all those songs sound so similar?

And, then they were gone. It seemed the kindest thing.

And, now they are back! After a stint as houseband for Yo Gabba Gabba, interest is piqued enough for the old team to get together for one last job.

And, I’m excited. I fork out, I think, more money than I paid combined to see them the previous 5 times.

There’s an early curfew, yet they still take to the stage late. Trying to build the tension? Just trying really. Eventually, they bust into Dollar and we are off!!! But three songs on and people are shouting to get on with it. Great! And excuse for more audience ‘banter’.

The 4 song Dracula flight in the middle is majestic. Then there’s some other stuff. They encore with Dick On A Dog and you remember why you gave up caring: They did first. They certainly gave up trying.

Oh well.

They will always be fondly remembered. But, mostly for causing that mudslide at Glastonbury.


Written by Tony Kiernan

07 December 2013 at 6:05 pm

Posted in Gigs, London, Music

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