Bridget Christie: A Bic for Her – Soho Theatre (10 January 2014)

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I first saw Bridget Christie at the Edinburgh Festival, back when invertebrates were all the rage, with her show A Ant. A moving exploration of formicidae oppression within the comedy circuit today. (Of course, the smart money had caught her previous Daily Mail show too.) However, nowadays, what with being a Perrier winner and all, she’s moved onto safer group with current cause de jour feminism.

The show what won that award A Bic for Her is by turns angry, absurd, and inspiring. All underpinned with a warmth of delivery (with one spoiler-y proviso*) that doesn’t belie the masterfully smart handling of the subject matter. Taking the titular range of stationery products (the previous non-existence of which, surely, explains the want of literary achievement in the Brontë family) as it’s starting point, Christie ponders through a world of everyday sexism and our patriarchal society. She stresses how – repellent though she knows it is – it’s as important now to be an feminist as ever.

She details her own small acts of sabotage against the accessibility of Lads-mags to her small child. She takes “old codger” Stirling Moss‘s comments on the female capacity for F1 and emphasises just how offensive and ignorant they are, while creating her own vision of sacking the old tosspot’s funeral with a carnival of dungareed and hairy-armpitted burlesque. Well, if he can be offensive…

Our current ruling class is ripped a new one. Feminist icons Thatcher and Beyonce are put head-to-head with new kid on the block Malala Yousafzai. She repeatedly stresses how she won’t be touching on the bigger topics like
FGM, trafficking and child brides because they are just too horrific for comedy, in a brilliant interplay with imaginary hecklers that – of course, manages bring those issues into play. Genius.

A smart as a whip yet wonderfully hilarious show. Although it may emphasise just how far we haven’t come yet, still manages to be ultimately optimistic in its conclusion. Well, you have to otherwise you’d just cry.

Look at that, managed not to mention her husband…d’oh!

*SPOILER – As in this might spoil watching Bridget Christie for you forever. Seriously once it’s seen it can’t be unseen…

I AM warning you

OK, here you go: She has a brilliant way of emulating a ‘classic’ music hall old-school stylee strutting walk that she uses extensively throughout her performance. I once made the mistake of going to see Roy Chubby Brown. I’d say ‘for a laugh’ but you’d have no idea how inaccurate that would be. Let’s call it; ‘as an experiment’. He does the same walk. This may be some sort of deliberate layering of context. If so it’s a joke too far for me. There are some flashbacks I can do without, thank you.


Written by Tony Kiernan

11 January 2014 at 9:47 am

Posted in Comedy, Gigs, London

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