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Jeremy Dyson is the other one from The League Of Gentlemen; the one that just did the writing and didn’t want to appear in it. Andy Nyman is an actor and magician. This latter bit is the important one. He directed and co-wrote most of the Derren Brown telly and stage shows that really made his name. Ghost stories is the show they co-wrote, which Nyman directed (and originally acted in), and which has returned to the west-end for a run prior to going totally global.

Using the framing device of a lecture from parapsychologist outlining the most chilling and inexplicable accounts he’s come across, this is a portmanteau play consisting of three spine-tingling tales. Definitely inspired by the success of The Woman In Black (“the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world”), the show uses – literally – all the tricks of the trade to scare the bejesus out of you. And it’s a great big roller-coaster experience of a show. Including, as you would expect, some stunning effects and a some really hilarious points.

At the close of the show, a voice asks us to keep it’s secrets to ourselves. I shall do so. It is such terrific fun, I really wouldn’t ant to spoil it for anyone.

Here’s an interesting question, though. Some of the acting seemed a little stilted. There were long pauses that felt…unintentional. These things can happen in a show. Yet, because of Nyman’s brain-bongling pedigree, I kept thinking all of this was deliberate. Sleight of stagehand. Breaking up the pace of the story telling to either discomfit us, or distract from what was going on elsewhere. Of course, it is just possible the cast and crew had had a late night.


Written by Tony Kiernan

16 March 2014 at 10:17 am

Posted in London, Theatre

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