Darren Hayman – Vortex Jazz Club (18 April 2014)

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Brodie’s Beers are one of the less hip or lauded of the current tranche of London breweries. This is due to all change. But, for the time being, those of us in the know like to think of them as a best kept secret. Which is tosh, as they have an excellent international reputation. But, y’know, this beer-geekery game is all like indie-snobbery.  They’ll never be as good as when they used to make their beer in the shared bath of their student bedsit etc.  At their pub and HQ in Leyton, the King Wiliam IV, every Easter weekend the hold the Bunny Basher; a celebration of their beers.

We went along. Fairly early. There was a lot of really excellent beer quaffed. Including what tallied up to a pint of the Elizabethan.  So, memories of this month’s Occupation from Darren Hayman (that evening) might be a bit disjointed.  This month, he was doing Singles Night. In which he would play songs he (or one of his incarnations) had released on 7″.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously, Hefner kinda passed me by at the time.  I remember dancing to the Thatcher song at Rooftops.  But, that’s really about it.  So, when second song tonight, Lee Remick, kicks in and I’m transported to a friend’s bedsit on the south-side, it takes me by surprise.  Y’know proper Proustian, and a’ that.  It may be my altered-state(s), but from then on I’m kinda subsumed by it all.

The band are great.  Rocking a real ragged Velvets vibe.  He refers a few times to being likened to Jonathan Richman.  That will go some way to explaining this, then.  He does the Booze One and the Cigarettes One  and a bunch of Other Ones that I was never going to know any way. And it’s ace.

I find myself a little sad there’s only another two of these to go.  Wish I’d got my arse in gear to start coming along sooner.


Written by Tony Kiernan

19 April 2014 at 4:26 pm

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  1. Ah, I would have loved to go to this! Unfortunately I can’t make it to any of the remaining shows, but a little bird told me who the special guest is at the ‘spoken word’ event and it is pretty damn special. Hope you have a good time!


    27 April 2014 at 7:19 pm

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