Blue Ruin

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Blue Ruin is the second feature by writer-director Jeremy Saulnier. It is also possibly the best movie I’ve seen for quite some time.

It opens with a man sitting in a bath. The camera is moving in on him.  It stops.  He stops the taps. Did he hear something? Starts the taps again.  The camera begins to move again. Taps off.  Camera stops… It’s a simple, maybe obvious, thing to do.  (An old slasher movie technique?) But, it introduces the level of tension that takes grip and does not let up for the est of the film.

He has heard something, next we see him busting naked out of the bathroom window.  He is the intruder.  He is Dwight.  A man not just itinerant, but who has tried to completely erase himself from the world.  He is informed that a man is to be released from prison.  At which point he puts the car he has been living in (the ruin of the title) back on the road and heads out looking for revenge.

Blair Macon at the centre of the movie, as Dwight, is brilliant. This is a man so broken and beaten he makes William H Macy look like John Wayne. He’s on screen every scene of the film, and despite being such a nothing, manages to hold your attention for the duration.  It’s quite remarkable.

Plot-wise there’s nothing staggeringly original in here.  It’s one of the most intense cinematic experiences I’ve had in a while.  From that opening scene until the inevitably bloody climax.

I’m now going to seek out Saulnier’s first movie Murder Party.


Written by Tony Kiernan

11 May 2014 at 9:11 am

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  1. […] it’s Blue Ruin that I keep coming back to. It may not have been the most original plot, yet the central […]

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    01 January 2015 at 12:35 am

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