The Jazz Butcher & his Gentlemen Adventurers – The Windmill (11 January 2015)

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The Jazz Butcher has always been there. On my TV, on the radio, in the weeklies. I’ve always liked his work. Yet, never bought any of his records. Like ever. I have absolutely no idea why that is. While wrestling with whether of not to go to this gig, someone posted online a poster for a gig wher the line-up was The Go-Betweens/Microdisney/The Jazz Butcher at the Town & Country Club. I’m willing to bet the 14-yr old me stared with slack-jawed dreaming at an advert for that in the back of Sounds. So, I owed it to that kid to get my arse along to this gig.

Pat Fish (to give him his real name) has taken many a mantel as JB and many variations thereon. From acoustic troubadour to noisy art rock. Tonight, Matthew, he’s come as a smooth jazz combo. So, a little less butchery. And, it is very niiiice. Melodic, atmospheric. And, there’s only a couple of times I want to take that trumpet and….

Towards the end of the set they do Shirley MacLaine (the song – closest thing to their ‘hit’). It stands out. Makes me a little sad for all the previous times I’d never gotten round to seeing them.  


Written by Tony Kiernan

12 January 2015 at 7:50 am

Posted in Gigs, London, Music

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