Faith No More/The Pop Group – The Academy, Glasgow (14 Juune 2015)

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I’ll be honest, my knowledge of The Pop Group is limited to We Are All Prostitutes and the fact they influenced about 30% of my record collection. Catching them as support at this gig was a bonus. They were a rumbling, grumbling weirdly funky proto-industrial grindfest. Braw. They go on the list of catch-next-time.

Talk about influential; Faith No More created an entire new branch of metal. Admittedly a particularly shit branch, but that wasn’t their fault. It was the cheap and poor quality imitations that made up most of nu-metal. People not understanding. You can throw Ross Robinson at as many turds as you want, he’s never gonna polish one to resemble Midlife Crisis. Hence why he stopped trying.

My relationship with the band was always a bit strange. I’d liked the bits of their first incarnation I’d heard. I bought The Real Thing. I remember seeing Midlife Crisis on TOTP and wondering just where the hell it came from. Most of the women I new round this time loved them. I learnt to keep quiet about liking them as the next step was them putting on Jane’s Addiction. Ever the tedious contrarian, it was their last album Album of the Year that made me really flip and go scuttling back over their body of work with they new wider opened eyes/ears. So, I blame the antaphrodisiac qualities of Perry fucken Farrell for me having missed every possibility to see the band (arguably) back in the day.

Imagine my joy when they reformed, released a corking album, and were touring. Properly. Not just festivals or enormodromes. They sold out London quicker than a really quick thing. I fond myself going to be in Glasgow the weekend they were playing. It also sold out instantly. So, I hit Touts-R-Us, bit the bullet, and bought a ticket. Needless to say as the gig rolled up, I was offered about four spares to go along. Grrr.

Were they any good? Of course they bloody were. Patton is a stunning frontman. The new songs stand up next to the old. Roddy Bottum is an unlikely rock god, but he is. Did it feel like the fulfillment of a lifetimes waiting. No. But, then it’s not. What it is is intelligent rock music that does indeed rock. From a band doing it at peak power. Not nostalgia. Totally awesome, dude.

They go on the list of catch-next-time.


Written by Tony Kiernan

15 June 2015 at 5:56 am

Posted in Gigs, Glasgow, Music

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