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I loved Asif Kapadia‘s documentary Senna. It took existing footage and crafted a compelling, haunting tale of the rise and tragic death of a modern hero. It was marvellous.

With Amy he has done a similar thing with the life and (spoiler) death of Amy Winehouse. There is nothing heroic in this. But, the tragedy definitely goes one louder.

One of the strengths for me of the other film is that I have absolutely no interest in F1, but it didn’t matter. This is about music and the industry surrounding it. It’s the shit I’ve been obsessed with for most of my life. Add to that nearly every step of this story I knew. As we all did through the part in haunting the poor girl to death that the press played. What the film fails to convey is any real sense of the talent that has been lost to us. Certainly, there’s no great shortage of folks lining up to tell you she was. I always thought of her a stage school kid with a far to mannered voice for it to be anything other than put-on. Kinda the UB40 of torch jazz. The film manages to emphasise her songwriting. Matching it line-for-line with what happens in her life along the way. Its effective and beautifully sad. Does it mke me think the songs are any better?

Am I dead inside?


Written by Tony Kiernan

10 July 2015 at 6:58 pm

Posted in Film

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