The Man From Uncle

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The best thing about Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes is the glorious bickering relationship at the centre of it all.  (Also one of the strong points of the BBC version. Not, however, an actual factor in the original material – if my memory serves me right.) With The Man From Uncle he tries to do exactly the same with an old TV series (which in my mind I liked, but, have very little recollection of it except the original movie version).

Unfortunately, in this instance, he has a charisma chasm in one of the main roles which the other cannot cover for no matter how hard he tries. I’m being vague because, well, I think that chasm is in the shape of Henry Cavill. He might look good in a suit, but this needs someone with the sleazy charm of John Hamm, or even a young Robert Vaughn. But, I’ve seen people whose opinions I usually quite agree with feeling the opposite and saying he’s struggling up against the planking of Armie Hammer.

Which is a real shame, becasue despite their worst efforts, the movie still manages to be thoroughly enjoyable nonsense.

Be that Alicia Vikander (spin-off?) Or Hugh Grant doing his thing as Mr Waverley


Written by Tony Kiernan

17 August 2015 at 9:40 am

Posted in Film

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