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Robert Forster – Islington Assembly Rooms (1 June 2016)

Full band set this time. Some really brilliant stuff in there. When he encores Cattle and Cane, there isn’t a dry eye in the house

The Daughter

Aussie adaptation of Ibsen. The usual powerful men and their fragile egos shafting everything up for the women.

Rather dreamily put together. Maybe losing that as it hurtles towards the inevitable melodrama at the end. But it kept me with it all the way

Despite some of the most hilarious relapsing-drunk acting for some time

Blindness/Deux Furiesses – The Lexington (5 June 2016)

Album launch from the band whose name translates as 2 Angry Birds*.  And, they own it.  Best sound I’ve experienced in this venue.  Best performance I’ve seen of these songs.  Exemplary.

This will be Blindness‘ last ever gig. A lot of people seem sad about this. I can’t work out why.

Woolf/Teenage Caveman – DIY Space for London (10 JUne 2016)

Another day another album launch. The inclusion of Trash Kit on this bill is what sealed it for me. So, of course, someone changes the bill and I get there just as they finish.

Which means I get to see Teenage Caveman, who invariably are the band I miss due to their place on the bill. Slightly jaggy post-Evol punk. Will be intending to make the effort to catch them next time.

Saw about two songs by Woolf last year. Was intrigued. Which is mainly why this gig was on my radar. They were worth noting.

Album only on vinyl, so didn’t bother with it.

The Nice Guys

Alright, quite fun. It’s no Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Actually, it’s no Last Boy Scout either. Nor, The Long Kiss Goodnight. Or Lethal Weapon. Even Last Action Hero. It is better than Iron Man 3 though.

Richard Herring: Happy, Now? – Leicester Square Theatre (12 JUne 2016)

X-Men: Apocalypse

Seriously, how big must be the trucks that deliver the money to Lawrence and Fassbender’s gaffs? It certainly can’t be incriminating photos.

A View From Islington North – The Arts Theatre (15 June 2016)

A portmanteau play. 5 political satires from, well, the usual suspects really. None of them at the top of their game. This was half price offer. And, I’m genuinely thinking even then it was too dear.

Mark Ravenhill’s unsurprisingly sweary opening piece is about the best on offer here. Despite not really fulfilling the promise and having to crowbar some uncomfortable half-baked themes int it to get a conclusion, it makes you think this is going to be at worst an evening of interesting ideas.

By the time it gets to David Hare‘s 6th form fantasy of Gideon Osborne meeting his idol Randy Ayn. It’s embarrassing. Everyone involved should really take a good look at themselves.

The Supersuckers – O2 Islington Academy (17 June 2016)

Back on the road after Eddie Spaghetti‘s cancer. It’s a country set. I’m guessing because his voice isn’t back to full strength. But, it’s good to see him and know he’ll be back fully rocking next time. (Although, I am not sure about that new guitarist.)

Warcraft: The Beginning

Better than it has any right to be, really. More fun than the X-men film

The Secret Life of Pets

More fun than either of them. Another smashing kids movie. With the added bonus of a new Minions short beforehand.

When Marnie Was Here

Last ever Ghibli movie (boo!). It’s based on a book of the type the BBC used to put on all the time for kids and we were forced to watch because there were only three channels. (Yes! 3!! One more than two, and still less than 4!! You lot don’t know your born.) Except, it’s dead good. Hope it’s not really their last

Tale of Tales

Not really anything it should be. Neither dreamy or disturbing enough. But, glad I saw it.

Shows that Vincent Cassell has an excellent sense of comic timing, though.

Rick Redbeard – Awake Unto

More upbeat and poppier second offering. Just more upbeat. Damn fine, though

*I am so getting my arse kicked


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01 July 2016 at 12:26 am

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  1. […] Second visit. Groundling, where I belong. Again, questions of adaptation are foremost in my mind. In discussion with one of my theatrical chums, he summed up with the question of should this venue be a museum or a challenging theatre space. I must admit, I kinda lean towards the former. When you can go see the bard on motorbikes in a condemned chemical plant and weekend, it’d be nice to have somewhere that you could get a solid, traditional, take guaranteed. […]

    Tell me July |

    04 August 2016 at 12:36 am

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