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Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – The Dome (1 September 2016)

Last but one time I went to see Neko Case, the PA at the venue had blown up and the hastily assembled replacement was terrible. This seriously impinged on the support band Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts. But, what was going on on-stage was interesting enough for me to decide I needed to go see them next time round. Well, they sold out next time round. So, time after that, here I am.

This band is a completely different lineup. Gone is the lithe punk trio. In is a more college rocking band. It’s pretty damn good. But, not the band I was hoping to make amends to

Swallows and Amazons

The book of this means nothing to me. I’ve never knowledgeably seen any previous adaptation. So, to kill time (and get out the house – spent a week off mostly in bed; ace) I headed down the local multiplex to give it a whirl.

It’s a story about some seriously posho kids having a jolly old time. And, not without it’s charm.

Thee Oh Sees – The Coronet (2 September 2016)

I seriously loved John Dwyer‘s previous band Coachwhips. And, was very disappointed at the hippy-trippy path his new band took. A while back I heard a track by them that sounded quite good. So, I thought I’d go see them. They then split. Although, it turned out to be just a hiatus.  Now they’re surprisingly huge.  And, I got to see them.

I liked the raw punky bits and hated all the psychedelic guitar-wankery.  So, pretty much as expected

The 9th Life of Louis Drax

There’s some nice ideas in this. It manages to confound expectations at every turn. It’s a good Channel 5 movie (or what that used to mean). Which is a good thing. To an extent.

But! Oliver Platt!!!  When was he last in anything? He’s still completely awesome.  Also worth noting, Aaron Paul seems to be very much on his way to doing something that stops him being that-guy-off-that-show.  In a year or so.   If anyone’ll cast him.


Directorial debut from Luke Scott, Ridley‘s son (who exec produces here). Which might explain the phenomenal cast in this. But, it doesn’t explain why such a simple genre peice fails to be decent sci-fi or thriller. Although, thinking of pops’ recent output….maybe it does.

The Beautiful Octopus Club – Royal Festival Hall (9 September 2016)

Hell or High Water

Jeff Bridges. What more do you need to know?

This is modern-day western type thing that I keep hearing they don’t make them like any more. Not sure I agree with that. It’s pretty damn fantastic, either way.

Main criticism: the plonky ponderous yet overly melodramatic soundtrack from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. Which, frankly, I could’ve thrown together. It really doesn’t work. The found tunes on the soundtrack do, however. Very well.

Also, there’s a coda scene that is completely unnecessary. It’s brilliant. Tense, beautifully put together and acted. But, an extra 15 minutes that the film did not need at all.

Nick Harper – The Slaughtered Lamb (11 September 2016)

Seriously, I could do with a monthly residency from Harpic. It always does my heart good to see him.

The Entertainer – The Garrick (12 September 2016)

The Branagh! More importantly The Scacchi!! Who is magnificent in this slightly off production of an, admittedly, pretty difficult text.


Noel Clarke is going to make something really important some day. This is not it. But, it’s sold and has some great stuff in there.

The Childhood of a Leader

Mesmerising. Awesome soundtrack.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Live action Up. With all the sacchrine nonsense taken out. Brilliant.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Lucerna Music Bar, Prague (22 September 2016)

…give god the glory, glory….!

The Coal Porters – Green Note Cafe (23 September 2016)

I could do with a monthly residency from thiw lot too.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Kabinet Múz, Brno (25 September 2016)

Rise! Shine!!!


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