Deepwater Horizon

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“25 words or less” said Griffin.
Marky Mark on an exploding oil-rig.”
“18 words to spare. I like it.”
“19. The last one’s hyphenated” closed The Writer.

I’m sure that was the pitch. It had to be. I guess the $156M price tag on this is not that much in this day and age. But, Im absolutely fascinated as to how/why this movie got made.

There is a breathtaking audacity to just how BP are protrated in this. I realise lawyers will have been all over and their culpability was cinfirmed in a court of law, but wow. I’ve not seen this brutal a takedown outside of a Mark Thomas show. Malkovich is havng the time of his life pantomime-villaining it for all he’s worth. The stop short of us discovering him bent over the oil well sucking, texas tea dribbling down his chin like some fossil-fuelled Nosferatu. Only just.

Transocean‘s logo are just a prominent. Although, their guys have the white hard-hats. Competent, conscientious, safety-first engineers to a man (and a woman). I find myself speculating, where did the money for this come from? Currently, there is nothing that oil-getting companies want to assure us of than the safety of their methods. This doesn’t quite go as far as looking like an out-and-out ad for them. Again, only just.


Written by Tony Kiernan

09 October 2016 at 9:50 am

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