Fucked Up – The Haunt (28 October 2016)

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Promised myself I wouldn’t end the year frantically scribbling something to fill these out. Looks like I was wrong. Maybe the abandoned monthly post thing is a better idea. Although, there’s no-one reads this stuff. It’s just for my reference. Maybe I need to get back on top of it. Let’s see…

Couldn’t be arsed paying to see Fucked Up at a festival in London (even Bat For Lashes didn’t make the price worth it). Of course, nearer the date they announce that ‘extra’ show here. But it was in the execrable Oslo. No way on that. So, I hauled myself to Brighton to see them*.

As usual they were fantastic. I’ve often commented on how are what is ultimately a genre band so much better than others? Tonight I think I begin to pick up on it. It’s the three guitarists ans serious lack of shredding. They lock into a massive almost-motorik toungued-groove wall-off-sound. It’s rather mesmerising.

*Thinking I might have to stop doing this. The current Thameslink improvements moving the level of service back a notch to “downright painful”


Written by Tony Kiernan

29 October 2016 at 4:54 pm

Posted in Brighton, Gigs, London, Music

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