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So, nothing much happened in 2016 it seems…


The Kindle continued to be used. Perhaps not as much as last year. Main even on there was the last James Ellroy. Man you have no idea how angry that made me. Not even treading water. Sebastian Faulks put out a collection of parodies from super-smug literary Radio 4 quiz the Write Stuff. Even he would’ve baulked at this evel of descent into a cartoon of yourself. It’s just awful. And, a bit sad.

My promise to read more ‘literary’ books or non-fiction was forgotten come January 2nd


I saw most of the movies on the best-of lists (except some glaring exceptions). Some really don’t deserve their places on those lists. Best for me was – inevitably – Green Room. In among the tension, horror and excellent performances (especially tragically in the case of Anton Yelchin), there’s a real true sense of what it’s like to be in a touring punk band. 


A year of the old favourites raising there heads; The Handsome Family, Rick Redbeard, Angel Olsen (with some staggering live shows) and, of course, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. The latter including 6 gigs across not just Europe, but for the first time more than just London in the U.K.  Hopefully not the last. 

I did make an effort to listen to more new music. And, did not bad. Some was brilliant. But, it was the chancing across The Downtown Boys on the bill with another band I wanted to see that led to the best discovery for me. Loud, angry and blisteringly good fun. Hope they come back soon. 


Plenty of it. Lots of very top quality stuff. No sock-blowing ones.  Tommie Sjef‘s wild ales at Brettfest do stand out as the ones that did force me to encourage everyone around to try them 


Czech Republic – loved it and WILL return asap


Written by Tony Kiernan

01 January 2017 at 12:01 am

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