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Release you’re inner fogey!

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Nice piece by David Mitchell in today’s Observer:

One of the fastest growing areas in our economy in the years leading up to the crunch was the selling of crap to twats.

Jeez, this man’s younger than me :-/

Also, am I the only one that keeps getting him confused with the author of Cloud Atlas? Obviously, not when actually reading/listening/watching him but when I hear reference to him turning up on something or (as here) writing a column.


Written by Tony Kiernan

08 March 2009 at 10:15 am

It’s The Stupid Economy

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Comedy genius Mark Thomas has been interviewing a bunch of folk about the current financial apocalypse for his latest tour/show/book. This has been done in front of a studio audience, recorded and made available as a series of podcasts.

It’s actually great to hear voices of rationality in amongst all the nit-picking twaddle from the pundits and politicos. He’s managed to get a nice mix of activists, academics and politicians for this. There’s particualrly interesting input from gamekeeper turned poacher Sargon Nissan. There’s nothing too hefty to them, and Thomas’ presence ensures that not only do we get a good sprinkling of humour but also the layman’s clarification of points.

Interesting just how many themes keep recurring: The UK is a tax haven (thanks to the non-dom laws); the government are the cowering bitches of global finance (all of HMRC‘s buildings are leased from an offshore comapny); the need for governement run banking (and not just cleaning up the shit before handing them back to the shitters); and, WE TOLD YOU (yes we did. and what did you do? Pat us on the head and send us on the way to protest the war that we charmingly thought was based on lies and would be an unholy mess. Fuckers).

*and, breathe*

It’s good to know you’re not alone. It’s also such a shame that there’s not a hope in hell any of the sensible solutions being bandied about are likely to ever be taken up. Hear that whirring? It’s George Santayana.

Written by Tony Kiernan

27 February 2009 at 12:27 am

Music is better than sex

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The increasingly essential No Rock ‘N’ Roll Fun has an interesting and often amusing deconstruction of a youth survey by Marrakesh Records. In particularly the point that gives this post it’s title

It’s a pity they didn’t pursue this line of questioning further: Kasabian, or your mate’s sister? Ringtones or a handjob?

And, it would seem the music industry is a lying bastard

Seventy per cent bought a CD? Like, recently? Isn’t the prevailing wisdom that young people never buy music at all, and when they do, it’s digital? And yet here’s a survey that sees seven out of ten people aged between ‘late onset puberty’ and ‘too old to admit they still live with their parents’ hoofing off to buy an old-style plastic disc with music on it?

Written by Tony Kiernan

18 February 2009 at 2:38 pm

Brooker on them Walkers’ crisps

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As ever, brilliant (ok, it’s taken me long enough to come to that opinion) column from Charlie Brooker about the current Walkers’ crisps vote-athon in The Guardian. Although not the funniest point, he’s bang on about the duck & hoi-sin sauce ones:

…although if you close your eyes they taste like the standard Roast Chicken flavour might if the “chicken” in them had been killed with a hammer made of compacted sugar. This is probably something Heston [Blumenthal] actually does in his restaurant.

The unfortunate thing is, he’s managed to make me want to try the rest. Is he secretly in the pay of big buisiness? We should be told!

Written by Tony Kiernan

17 February 2009 at 9:01 pm

I’m sure there’s a good pun with ‘MRI’ in it.

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I used to have problem with Charlie Brooker. There was some media-celebrated enfant terrible thing going on that he never really measured up to. But, following Nathan Barley and his lauding of Blink I’m beginning to get a grasp on where he’s coming from. I realise that if we need ‘cultural commentators’ they should all be like him.

In his Grauniad colum he makes a perfect nail/head interface regarding going for an MRI scan

You glide inside surprisingly quickly, to find yourself staring upwards into a universe of featureless white. And then the noise starts. It didn’t sound like knocking to me: more like an Aphex Twin gig. A series of stop-start electronic tones, buzzes, rumbles and alarms resonated through my head and neck. “This is what being a modem must be like,” I thought, gazing into the bleached nothingness. It lasted about 20 minutes: more than enough time for anyone to start feeling seriously weird. Soon I became convinced I was having my mind wiped in a sci-fi thriller. Two minutes longer and I’d have been squeezing the freak-out teat and babbling about seeing through the Matrix.

Next week: Mark Kermode is still a buffoon, but I don’t want to kill him any more.

Written by Tony Kiernan

04 March 2008 at 1:30 pm

Sk8r Boi: Spike Jonze and not.

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Spike Jonze has made a film for skate footwear company Lakai. This is most bodacious (or whatever the hep young things are saying these days).

Loosely connected, here is the excellent new Fatboy Slim video for his dreadful take on the dreadful Steve Miller track The Joker

This comes via Hobotopia, because of what happens at around 0:55 into it. But, more of that later….

Written by Tony Kiernan

26 February 2008 at 12:06 pm

Charlie Brooker doesn’t like skiing

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The Grauniad:

But that’s not the main reason I’ve never been tempted to go skiing: it’s the people. The moment anyone tells me they’re going skiing, I start to dislike them. This is because I’ve constructed my own imaginary version of a skiing holiday in my head: it involves a fistful of self-satisfied bastards called Dan and Izzy and Sam and Lucy sharing a chalet together, drinking wine while listening to Mark Ronson on Izzy’s iPod speakers, taking 15,000 photos of each other guffawing and pulling silly faces, and occasionally venturing outside to slide down a hill on a pair of glorified planks, at which point with any luck they hurtle headlong into a tree, snapping at least three limbs in the process, and the holiday ends with them lying on their back, twitching like a half-crushed spider, exposed shards of shinbone gleaming in the winter sun as they scream for an air ambulance at the top of their idiot lungs.

Written by Tony Kiernan

26 February 2008 at 11:46 am